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a Kingston Community Food Co-op
70 Lindsley Ave, Kingston, NY 12401
Final Saturday of Every Month!
  • Exercise your right to vote on key decisions, including operational changes and the allocation of profits. Your input helps shape the future of our market, ensuring it meets the needs and values of our community.

    Your Voice Matters

  • We'll make it, sell it, and you'll get most of the profit. It's a fun way to spread the joy of your home cooking far and wide throughout the community.

    Got a tasty recipe? Send it to us!

  • Convenient Connections

    Make the most of our community network by sharing rides or opting for grocery delivery with fellow members. It's not just about convenience; it's about building connections and supporting each other in our daily lives.

  • Secret Sales  

    Enjoy exclusive savings with our "Member-Only" discounts. As part of our family, you get access to special deals and promotions on a variety of products, helping you save while you shop for the best our market has to offer.

  • Just for (u)s

    Come to events just for members, or help plan them. It's a fun way to meet people and make friends within your community.

  • Show Up and Show Out

    Find out how you can help at the market by volunteering. It's a good way to do good, learn, and see how our market works from the inside.

Become a Market Member and...

Welcome to PonckHockie Market

the heart of our community, where every month brings a new celebration of local flavors and cultures.

May Market:

A Celebration of Native American, Haitian American, and Jewish American Heritage!

Saturday, May 25
12 PM - 3 PM EST
70 Lindsley Ave. Kingston, NY 12401
Save the Date!
Market Offerings Coming Soon! Here is what we've offered in the past:

Our Story

PonckHockie Market is not just a grocery store; it's a community revolution, born from the need for accessible, healthy food in Ponckhockie, a neighborhood in Kingston, NY recognized as a food desert. Created by Community Action of Ulster County and THRIVE ON! Network (THRIVE ON!), our market is a beacon of hope, aiming to transform the local food landscape.

Community Action of Ulster County has long been a pillar for those in need, offering essential services like basic needs support, educational programs, and energy conservation assistance. This organization is part of a larger network, extending its reach and impact within the community through collaborative efforts.

THRIVE ON! focuses on empowering communities to take charge of their local economies. They encourage and support community-driven projects, and it was through their early thriver program that our market concept turned into reality.

In September 2023, fueled by ambition to reform the food system, two early thrivers from THRIVE ON!, Trent and Ahmad, took to the streets of PonckHockie. They engaged with local organizations and people, absorbing the community's needs and aspirations. Their groundwork laid the foundation for what would become the PonckHockie Market.

With unwavering dedication, the market was designed to be more than a place to shop; it was to be a cornerstone for community development and engagement. By December of 2023, the market had its soft launch, signaling a new era for the neighborhood's access to fresh food and community unity. Now, as we look back from 2024, we're inspired by the progress we've made and the bonds we've forged.

About PonckHockie Market